How Community Members Contributed to Major Trans Mountain Pipeline Win using Soapboxx


Trans Mountain Pipeline Campaign


video views on Linkedin and Facebook

965reactions, shares

and comments boosting the campaign

129petition signatures

generated during the campaign

Total Impact

268video submissions

in total to’s campaigns

100,000+video views

from organic shares and paid distribution (formerly ForestEthics) is an international nonprofit environmental organization. is known for its success in challenging corporations and governments to create new policies and industry standards in protecting forests, advocating for the rights of Indigenous peoples, and protecting the climate.


The Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline is a ‘climate-bomb’ being pushed ahead without the consent of Indigenous peoples along the route, and despite the ongoing opposition of millions of people. After many years of trying to stop the pipeline through political pathways, pivoted to picking off the pipeline’s insurers one by one – asking its members to pressure companies by sending them emails, phoning them, targeting them on social media, and signing petitions. But some of the project’s biggest insurers were still refusing to cut ties with the pipeline. and its members needed to try some new tactics to make insurance companies feel pressured in a more personal and direct way – and Soapboxx was the perfect tool.

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In two months, collected 53 videos of members speaking directly to Trans Mountain pipeline insurers. worked with Soapoxx to create a compilation from 15 of their favorite supporter-generated-videos, complete with b-roll footage of pipeline infrastructure, protests, music, branding, and closed captions. used the 80 second compilation on Facebook and LinkedIn to target senior executives at two major companies known to be insuring the Trans Mountain pipeline . Soapboxx made it possible for to deliver personal and crucial messages to key decision-makers facilitating the construction of the project – and without insurance, the pipeline cannot go ahead.

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The targeted video ad was a part of a dynamic campaign that included petitions, letters, phone calls, social media pressure, and direct action. From the video, received 965 reactions, comments and shares, and also boosted signatures on their petition. Shortly afterwards, one of the project’s largest insurers, Chubb, announced it would no longer insure the Trans Mountain pipeline. In addition to this huge feat, collected 268 videos across six other campaigns addressing global fossil fuel production, subsidies, and financing, Amazon Forest protection, and old growth forests. In total,’s user-generated videos received over 100,000 views. These videos did more than help send messages to campaign targets, they also provided a way for members to voice their concerns for their home, share stories about their personal connection to these important issues, and stand up for Indigenous rights and the climate. In February 2022, the Anthem Awards, the Webby Awards’ newest initiative for social impact digital work, awarded and Soapboxx the Silver Medal for our partnership in Sustainability, Environment & Climate Awareness.

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