How E Pluribus Unum Reimagined
their Video Strategy with Soapboxx



of their video submission goal


on social media in December 2020
by creators sharing their videos


in community engagement

E Pluribus Unum is an embodiment of its name, “out of many, one.” The mission of E Pluribus Unum is to bridge the divide between members of our nation in order to center dialogue and action around racial inequity.


Like many of us during the pandemic, E Pluribus Unum had to adjust their strategy, plans and goals. For their first six months of operation, E Pluribus Unum employed a production team to travel the 13 southern states collecting content from interviews and for “About Us” purposes on their public-facing communications.

During this trip, the team met with communities in each state and strengthened their relationships with them. When COVID-19 began restricting travel plans, E Pluribus Unum abandoned their plans to physically revisit the communities they connected with during their first trip.

However, they were not willing to fall short on their promises to the communities they serve and represent, so they found themselves asking the question: “How can we navigate these restrictions while also fulfilling our promise to these communities?”

Even with travel as an option post-pandemic, Soapboxx is so good for collecting snapshots of an experience or idea and for amplifying narratives.
It gives us the ability to connect with anyone anywhere; it serves the user and serves Unum.

Maddie McLain

E Pluribus Unum


The E Pluribus Unum was in its infancy when the organization initiated their relationship with Soapboxx. Soapboxx allowed for E Pluribus Unum to start thinking outside the box about how they use video. Specifically, they began using video for external uses for the first time, collecting and amplifying stories from authentic Southern Voices in order to change perception on the issues of race and equity.

While E Pluribus Unum ’s need for Soapboxx originated with COVID-19 related travel restrictions, that was just the beginning. E Pluribus Unum quickly realized the potential of user generated content combined with social distribution to realize their mission to share truthful and diverse experiences. With Soapboxx, they are able to tap into the lives of people outside of their physical proximity.

E Pluribus Unum took it one step further and spearheaded an incentive program for their supporters. As a way to show their appreciation for folks submitting their stories, E Pluribus Unum provided monetary incentives for submissions and watched as nearly 200 videos rolled in.

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E Pluribus Unum used submitted videos to accomplish their goal of amplifying diverse voices and experiences. Their goal was to receive 50 videos and ended up with almost 200 submissions in one month from Southern Voices reflecting their personal experience in America. Not only was this an easy way to collect voices, but timely, too.

The influx of video submissions has also strengthened the community engagement amongst members and supporters of E Pluribus Unum. They found that nothing brings a community together quite like shared experiences, common interests and a shared mission – even across state lines. They quickly expanded their reach to new communities and shifted perspectives.

E Pluribus Unum saw an opportunity to use Soapboxx for more than its original intent. Their next project is to cultivate a fellowship team using internal videos as video diaries and fully taking advantage of Soapboxx services.

E Pluribus Unum saw the innovation that Soapboxx could bring to their organization and multiplied it tenfold. They now have “super supporters” and folks they can rely on to lend their voice when it’s needed. By employing an incentive program, using Soapboxx for dynamic storytelling and turning a temporary solution into a permanent asset, E Pluribus Unum increased their community engagement and established a new way to accomplish their mission.

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